When you've had your fill of Shortcake, round off your day with a meal from one of our Food Trucks!

Rock & Roll Diner –  Gourmet tacos, BBQ, cheese steaks and fries. 

The Rock&Roll Diner is the latest creation of Musician/Chef Charlie Hamill, of Roanoke, Virginia. The Diner features bold southern and southwestern flavors, striving to make the ordinary extraordinary, while offering up creative Chef Specials in harmony with savory "street cuisine". The Rock&Roll Diner was founded on the principles of classic cuisine training fused with modern tastes and local flair.


Spanky Dogs

All beef hot dogs, homemade chili and slaw toppings. This is their 3rd year at the Festival. A hard-working group of people.


Toasted by Casey

Gourmet grilled cheese and specialty fries – topped with cheese sauce, bacon, jalepenos and more. Community School’s Strawberry Festival was their first gig as a food truck!

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